Sponsor a child


Private sponsors mainly from Germany, but also from other European countries enable Mati through their contributions to finance poor childrens’ education with a monthly school stipend.
These scholarships help to prevent child-marriage of girls in many cases.
All children receive a monthly scholarship, which the parents mainly spend on private lessons and food. Most of the supported children are girls.

Stipends are granted to students from the poorest families, who have the explicit wish to go to school. Actual performance in school is not the main criteria, because we acknowledge how difficult it is for the poor to keep up with the standards set by mainstream society.

Mati employees are always in touch with the families in order to support them as soon as there is a problem and to check that the children are actually going to school.

The first children who were supported since 2005, did their A-Levels now and are starting their studies in college or at a university. Before, this was absolutely impossible for children of extremely poor families. We are celebrating this great success with them!

Costs are 80 Euros to support a child up to class 6, and 120 Euros a year for a student in class 6 and above.

If you also want to give a child the chance to education, contact us via email to receive the family story of the student whom we will support with your funds: mati(at)matibangladesh.org

Read an example report.