Vocational Training

Education for Skilled Manpower


Creating Skilled and Technical Human Resource for a Skilled Bangladesh


Bangladesh has been suffering from a lack of skilled manpower due to the poor formulation and implementation of human resource development strategies. If the country wants to achieve a competitive advantage through its large workforce then there is no alternative to transform manpower into human resources by the proper implementation of vocational education and training.

Mati has been conducting some vocational training program since 2005 with financial assistance mainly from Mati eV. The general objective of the program is the development of the human resources of Bangladesh with a view to expediting the economic development of the country. The specific objective is to empower poor young men and women from rural areas and urban slums with vocational training at affordable costs so they could find good employment and pull themselves and their families out of poverty.

Computer training:

Mati has been offering Computer training named “Certificate on Computer Application” for underprivileged young people, which is in great demand. The course contains computer Basic servicing, Microsoft office, and the Internet. Per a 3-month course, there are 10-15 participants who take an exam at the end and then receive a certificate of their performance, with which they apply for an office job in local small companies. In 2019 total of 66 young people have completed the course, 34 boys and 32 girls.


Sewing training:

The sewing courses that young women and mothers attend to acquire skills that may help them earn money. In 2019, a total of 42 young women have completed the sewing training in Mymensingh. The young seamstresses in Mymensingh sew around 2000 bags and flying cloths almost every year. Last year the seamstresses in Mymensingh have got a special order from Caritas Switzerland and sew 9800 bread bags for them.


Carpentry training:

Since 2012, the carpentry training center at the project location Borobilerpar, 8 km outside Mymensingh, has been offering young people the opportunity to receive the training. In 2019 total of 11 young carpenters underwent training. For women from the immediate vicinity of the carpentry workshop, we offer the developed that they can help flexibly 10 days a month with grinding and other manual work in the joinery.