MATI Cooperative

One goal to stand with unity and compassion for Ownself and others

It’s a new initiative of MATI. MATI has been developing farmers’ cooperative for the sustainable development of rural poor people.

MATI has already discussed it with the target people and got their full participation in decision making. MATI has been facilitating the process of developing a cooperative in order to establish it on a sustainable institutional base. The capacity building process of the target people to successfully & independently manage the cooperative it will take some time.

The development of cooperative will give an institutional base to the target people to sustain their organic production activities at present and beyond the project support. Because nowadays the farmers have adopted commercial agriculture by giving up their thousands of years’ old organic and so-called subsistence agriculture as aggravated by the government policies to support the corporations in promoting green revolution technologies in order to boost up crop production. Therefore, an alternative commercial approach is much needed for promoting organic agriculture through which the farmers will be able to sell their organic products with profitable prices. But, it is next to impossible for the smallholder farmers to develop any supply chain of organic produce with individual effort as there is no existing supply chain for the organic products. Therefore, MATI has taken the initiative which will also ensure the economic sustainability of the MATI’s activities.