Clean City Campaign

To purify our souls, we desire clean surroundings

In order to reduce environmental pollution, MATI has been running a campaign named “Clean City Campaign”. Mati was now able to resume the operation of the district waste collection system in Sankipara, which 100 households have joined. For a small monthly fee, the household waste is picked up daily by a bicycle rickshaw converted into a garbage truck and taken to the landfill. We had to suspend work in 2008 because the garbage rickshaw had rusted through and there was no money for a new one.

Mati is supported by 30 – 50 children and teenagers aged between 5 and 25 years, who regularly motivate their neighbors with small actions to keep the area clean. Thanks to the City Corporation of Mymensingh for taking the cleanliness program under the City Corporation especially for the garbage created in the houses.

But still, the people are not aware enough to clean the roads or streets while they throw the wastage materials to and fro on the streets. It is true that the city corporation has some cleaning program which is never enough in terms of manpower and arrangement of dustbins. But, due to lack of awareness, the people seldom use the dustbins. Therefore, MATI’s staff and volunteers often run ‘Clean City Campaign’ in order to aware people for changing their bad habits.