Agriculture & Food Security

Sustainable Solutions to End Hunger


The farmers of Bangladesh are the most fundamental part of the agricultural sector, they work day and night making the country GDP growth rate above 5 percent, but the paradox is they and their family are the ones living in extreme poverty.

Also Bangladesh food security challenge is not about the capability of world agricultural producers to produce enough food to feed the country people, but rather is about ensuring that the poorest people in the country have the economic and physical access to the food they require to meet their nutritional needs.

Organic Farming is an agricultural system that promotes environmentally, socially, and economically sound production of food, fiber, timber, etc. In this system, preservation of soil fertility is considered as the key to successful production. It escapes the use of chemo-synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals. It also includes social considerations”

Mati Bangladesh is working since the beginning to ensure the Food security for the people in need as well as the importance of organic farming and economical importance of it.

The sectors Mati Working related to Agriculture and Food Security: