Afforestation program

Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky

Research shows that 17 trees are needed to convert the CO2 that a human being releases every year to the environment to convert to O2. Moreover, the rapid increase of CO2 in the atmosphere causing global warming at an alarming rate and causing climate change. Therefore, plantation of trees is crying need to protect the environment and the planet by mitigating climate change.

So, Mati has taken massive program of afforestation by the organization itself as well as by motivating people for plantation. Every year MATI organizes a remarkable Tree Plantation and Distribution program in the schools, school-adjoining area, villages, roadside, and char area of Mymensingh and Sherper. Every year in early Monsoon (June), Mati usually start distribution of the saplings of trees for plantation. Mati’s Climate volunteers along with the common villagers, local elites, SSP students, parents of Mati School, local government bodies go for massive plantations in the roadsides and barren premises of the educational institutions, government offices, etc. This program creates great enthusiasm among all the students and also among guardians and the villagers. At the very end of the program, everyone makes an oath which is “we must take much care about the saplings and should not cut trees ruthlessly”.

In every year MATI plants 10,000+ saplings of fruit, timber and medicinal trees in Mymensingh and Shepur district.