Our head-office in Mymensingh-Sankipara


LENEN RAHAMAN | Executive Director

I am the founder of Mati. It was born from the idea of helping my people to receive better education, more opportunities and rights.



ANDREA RAHAMAN | Creative Director

I am the Creative Director of Mati. For instance, I translate the ideas of community people into projects and keep in touch with partners overseas.



RAFIQUE ISLAM CHOWDHURY | Chief of Administration

As the main administration officer I am responsible for the general accounting, office work and coordination tasks.


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MEHRAB NOMANI | Coordinator

I am responsible for coordination with the Government and looking after the correct adminstration of our branch offices.


AHKLAK ALAM TALUKDER | Monitoring Officer

My every day work consists of record keeping and reporting, loan monitoring and accounting. I also organize various types of workshops.


SHAMS UDDIN | Coordinator and Monitoring Officer

I monitor IDEAP and the agricultural program. Furthermore I coordinate between the Government and our NGO, train women group members and our staff.


FARUQUE HOSSAIN | Accounts Officer

My duties at Mati include maintaining our accounts, auditing the branch offices and managing visa affairs.


SAJIA KADIR | Junior Administrative Officer

I assist with the administrative work load of Mati, check accounts and prepare all kinds of NGO letters and official papers.



SAMIUR RAHMAN KHAN | Computer Instructor

I am teaching MS Office, Windows setup and how to use the Internet etc. I also assist with general office tasks, ie. scanning necessary documents and sending them.


NASIMA KAHTUN | Sewing Instructor

In my classes, I usually have around 15 sewing students. I teach them how to sew, how to cut and how to do block prints. We manufacture a variety of clothes.


SYED MUSHFIQUL HUQ | Field Supervisor

I am working as a field supervisor in the Azmotpur branch.


RHAHOSANA PARVIN | Field Supervisor Ideap Project

I am in touch with the families around the Mati Head Office and assist the families who took interest free loans from Mati; especially the extreme poor families in the Ideap project.



I assist the women groups, collect the savings and installments, give out the loans, create all reports and talk to the local school teacher and sewing instructor about their needs.


MAHABUB HASSAN MUKUL | Awareness Officer – Youth Center

I am working with the young people of Sankipara and trying to raise awareness for topics like eve-teasing, sound-pollution, drug abuse and work as well on Mati’s tree plantations.


MARZIA AKTER | Legal Advisor & Family counsellor

I work for rural people to increase their human rights awareness. I visit families and council them with regard to domestic violence, child marriage and social security.


KAMRUNNAHAR SHEPO | Awareness & Youth Officer

I am leading the awareness team and coordinate all awareness programmes with the youth center. I also work on human rights issues with the extreme poor.


SHAFIKUR RAHMAN KHAN | Awareness Coordinator & Lands Rights Officer

I work for rural people to increase their human rights awareness especially on land rights.


FAZLUL HOQUE | Field Motivator

I am working in the savings programme of Mati.



I am taking care of the patients who visit Mati’s Health Center. I diagnose, give treatment and see how to connect them with more advanced treatment facilities.


KOBITA RANI DAS | Cook & Kitchen Manager

Its my responsibility that everyone eats well: I prepare breakfasts, cook lunch and dinner. Other staffs help me to prepare the food when there is a special event like communal lunch.



My job is to keep the MATI facilities clean and bring fresh water to all the staff members.


GENDI RANI DAS | Day Guard & Facility Manager

I water the flowers, care for the ducks and chickens, and keep the whole office area clean.


NAZMUL | Night Guard

Every evening and night I make sure that nobody unknown is entering the MATI property.