Millenium Village

Harguzirpar is 8km out of Mymensingh on the road to Azmotpur. There are about 300 households in the village, 70% of the poor or extreme poor. The village should become a good practice example to illustrate how self-defined development could be the way to get closer to achieving the UN Millennium Development Goals.

Our aim is to show how on the basis of one village with exemplary “from the bottom up“ decision making and inclusion, could show what self defined development in the frame of the UN-Millenium Goals (MDGs) could look like.

At the beginning of our work in 2009, the villagers have set their priorities for improvement in the village:
Improving the sanitation, education for the children, and income generation possibilities for the women were top of their list. Within the last years, many things have started to change in Harguzirpar.